Commercial Drawing Submittal Package

This plan review guideline is to be used to ensure that the drawing submittal package is complete.
Two copies of each are required for plan review submittal.

Site Plan

  • Scaled plan showing property lines, address or legal description,lot area/ coverage, location of existing and/or proposed buildings

Grading and Drainage

Building Construction Plans (including Tenant Improvement)

Two (2) copies of the stamped and signed construction plans:
  • Drawn to scale with all appropriate dimensions shown
  • Plans shall include (at minimum): Foundation plan, floor plan, four (4) building elevations, foundation/wall/roof section detail(s), interior sections, roof framing plan, structural details, along with details/schedules (door/window) and specification documents.
  • For tenant improvements, a detailed floor plan with section details (including interior braced wall details, suspended ceiling details, rated wall penetration details, etc.), as well as exit signage, exit illumination and interior sections/details showing ADA compliance.
  • Associated plans for Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical

Gravity and Lateral Loading Analysis

  • Stamped and Signed (not required for TI's)

Soils Report

  • Stamped and signed geotechnical report (not required for TI's)

Fire Alarm/Sprinkler System Design

  • Drawing submittal requirements, along with plan review and inspection procedures are established by the City of Goodyear's Fire Service. For more information, please call (623) 932-3494.

Energy Code Compliance

  • Energy Compliance Report 
  • Mechanical Compliance Report
  • Lighting power compliance for both interior and exterior