Road Construction Projects


The City engages in construction projects including:
  • Roads
  • Storm drains
  • Park projects
  • Wall reconstruction
If you have any questions please call the Public Works office at (623) 935-1066.

Pavement Management Program

The Ten-Year Pavement Management Program provides a structured approach to the preservation of all public streets in the City of Litchfield Park for a period of ten years. Regular updates to the program allow for flexibility in the treatments and new options as they are developed in the industry and adjustments based on lessons learned in the past years. Research was conducted to verify that the treatments used by Litchfield Park are the best available methods for extending the useful life of asphalt pavement in this desert environment.

The City's first Ten-Year Pavement Management Program was developed in 2006. Since that time, much progress has been made in the repairs and upgrades to the City's street network. In the coming years and, as funding is available, this program will continue to preserve asphalt paved streets and provide a safe and efficient system for it citizens and the public at large.

The latest update was completed in October 2015.

Ten-Year Pavement Management Program (very large file, please be patient)