American Red Cross Lifeguard Training

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80473/24 - 4/2 Weekends
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Thank you for your interest in Litchfield Park Recreation Center's American Red Cross Lifeguarding course! 

The course will be held at:

Litchfield Park Recreation Center

100 S Old Litchfield Rd.

Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

 Those that complete the prerequisite swimming skills evaluation and class will receive a two (2) year certification in Lifeguarding/CPR/AED/First-Aid by the American Red Cross.

Requirements: Participants MUST be at least 15 years old to enroll in class and successfully complete all aspects of the prerequisite testing.  If the participant fails the prerequisites test, they will not be allowed to complete the course. A refund will not be issued.

Prerequisite Testing (held on the first day of class):

  • Pass a 300 yard swim (freestyle & breaststroke are the only swim strokes permitted)
  • Timed swim and brick retrieval from a 10ft depth (1min 40sec)
  • No hands tread for 2 minutes in deep water
Participants will be provided with an American Red Cross Lifeguard manual on completion of the prerequisites..

American Red Cross Junior Lifeguard


This is an introduction to lifeguarding skills without certification. This course is designed for aspiring lifeguards ages 11-14. This class will build a foundation of knowledge, awareness and skills for future lifeguards.

Junior Lifeguarding has a strong focus on strengthening swimming skills and helping participants meet the prerequisites for the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training course (able to enroll at 15 years of age). Participants will be introduced to lifesaving skills, such as in-water rescues, how to use a rescue tube, first-aid, CPR, and how an AED is used.

Participants will also have the opportunity to shadow a real lifeguard. Students must be able to swim front crawl for 25 yards continuously, tread water for one minute and swim a distance of ten feet under water. 

Junior Lifeguarding will resume in July 2023.