Memorial Bench Program

The City of Litchfield Park’s Recreation and Public Grounds (RPG) Commission approved a new Memorial Bench Program effective January 1, 2024. Under the new Memorial Bench Program, a donation of $2,500 allows a new bench with a memorial plaque to be placed in a designated public space for a term of 10 years. This covers the costs incurred by the City for the purchase, installation, and upkeep of the bench and memorial plaque during the lifetime of the bench. 10 years is the average lifespan of the benches per the manufacturer. After 10 years, the memorial bench will be removed. A new one can be purchased in its place by either the current donor or a new donor.

As part of this transition to new benches, we are seeking the community’s help with identifying the loved ones of those who are currently memorialized on the concrete benches throughout the city. The concrete benches are an older style that has been discontinued, so we are replacing them gradually with the bench style shown above. We will offer existing bench donors the opportunity to donate a new bench in place of the current memorial bench, if desired.

For details, please contact Community & Recreation Services Director, Tricia Kramer, at 623-935-9040 or at


Memorial Bench Image